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Home theater system, video conferencing, hi fi systems, high end audio video systems,Speakers and all kinds of audio visual components.

Welcome to DG+, the place where leading brands from the world of Hi-Fi sound come together under one roof! We have the perfect solution for all your audio visual needs. That's why we are called the Audio-Video specialists.

We provide home theater systems , hi fi systems, luxury audio video in dubai, wireless sound systems, and many more. Major systems we deal with are home theater blu ray, home theater wireless, wireless home theater speakers, home surround sounds, P A Speaker System, P A System Speakers, P A Speakers, P A Sound System, dj equipment, wireless pa system Major brands we deal with are monitor audio, goldenear, sonos, yamaha, onkyo, denon, cambridge audio, soundcast, bose, focal, bose audio, sony, sony home theater in dubai, luxury home theater in dubai, home automation, office automation, mission, profigold, klipsch, anthony gallo, nad, pure acoustic, kef audio, qed, monster, jamo, etc.

Home Theater in Dubai
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