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Sony Projector VPL-HW55ES

Make Believe!

From Hi-Fi system to home audio accessories, Sony provides big sounds in small packages. The brand boasts of an array of products that are capable of delivering rich music in your homes, cars and work space.

Projector VPL-HW55ES
PRICE: AED 12999
Product Description:

Full HD 3D home cinema projector with Reality Creation, SXRD panels, Bright Cinema and TV modes

An outstanding cinematic experience

The VPL-HW55ES is a fantastic option for movie lovers who want an incredible cinematic experience at home, far beyond the reach of TV. It’s packed with our latest technology, including Reality Creation and advanced SXRD panels for an incredibly sharp, crystal clear picture. 
High brightness and contrast ratio
With 1,700 lumens colour brightness and a contrast ratio of 120,000:1, you can enjoy your favourite films at their best, in 3D or 2D. Bright Cinema and Bright TV modes also ensure optimum brightness and superb, rich colour quality.
Reality Creation – Super Resolution function
1,700 lumens brightness with faithful colour reproduction
Bright Cinema and Bright TV modes
Dynamic contrast now 120,000:1
Long lasting lamp
Contrast Enhancer and advanced Iris3
SXRD panel technology
Dynamic Lamp Control
Built-in IR 3D transmitter
2D and 3D modes
Extremely low fan noise
Gamma adjustment
Wider lens shift range
Perfect panel alignment
Real Colour Processing (RCP Version 2)



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