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KEF T205

Obsessed with high resolution.

Innovation is what sets KEF apart. KEF are the pioneers of new technology in sound systems and have patents and academic papers to prove it. Apart from this KEF is all about providing great sound for music lovers around the world.

Product Description:

The KEF T-series is a stunning new range of ultra-slim home cinema speakers.The cabinets are only 35mm (just over 1.25in.) deep, yet the T Series brings you all the pleasures of true audiophile quality sound in a speaker that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the latest flat screen TVs.

With five deceptively compact model T101s as rear satellites and T301s as fronts and centre channel, plus the discreet T-2 subwoofer, the KEF T205 speaker system is powerful enough to fill most normal rooms with a compellingly detailed 3D sound image. The KEF T205 speaker system is as easy to set up as they are on the eye; they make the perfect entry level surround sound system for the latest generation of flat screen TVs.

Everything about the new KEF T205 has been designed from first principles to achieve a sleek, unobtrusive look that matches the styling of modern TVs while still maintaining the high standard of audio fidelity KEF is famous for. The precision etched logo and chamfered black anodised aluminium side trims hint at the meticulous attention to detail and superb build quality of what's inside. Ease of use is built in from the start, with KEF's ingenious Selecta-mount™ system concealed in the optional stand automatically adjusting each speaker's sound balance according to whether it's mounted on your wall, desktop or floor.


KEF T205 Specifications

T301 Satellite Speakers
• Ultra-slim bass driver offering clean, forceful response that brings the action vividly to life
• New large vented tweeter provides warm, natural sound that’s so real you feel you’re there
• Can be mounted on the wall or on the T Series floor stand (sold separately)
• Floorstands utilize Selecta-Mount technology which include extra crossover components to adjust each speakers sound balance for free space vs. wall mount
• Speakers come with wall mount brackets and desk stand
• Two and a half-way closed box
• Two 4.5″ dual layer MF, 1″ aluminum HF
• Frequency response 80Hz – 30kHz
• Magnetic shielding: yes
• Amp requirements: 10-150w
• Weight: 3.3lbs
• Dimensions: 23.6″ x 5.5″ x 1.4″
• Finish: High gloss black

T-2 Subwoofer
• Closed box powered subwoofer• Driver Units: 1 x 10″ LF
• Frequency response: 30Hz – 250Hz
• Maximum output: 110db
• Magnetic shielding: yes
• Amplifier: 250W Class-D built in
• Weight: 28.6lbs
• Dimensions: 15″ x 14.6″ x 7″
• Finish: Classic black




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