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KEF R900

Obsessed with high resolution.

Innovation is what sets KEF apart. KEF are the pioneers of new technology in sound systems and have patents and academic papers to prove it. Apart from this KEF is all about providing great sound for music lovers around the world.

PRICE: AED 32999
Product Description:

With twin 8-inch LF drivers positioned perfectly either side of the remarkably sweet and accurate latest generation Uni-Q driver array, the KEF R900 ensures an incredible scale and depth. Upper registers are articulated with flawless precision, whilst the bass drivers maintain authoritative control over the LF – providing undistorted, earth moving realism and accuracy that will awaken your very soul

Type or speaker

3-way- vloerstaand , Basreflex 

Frequency range

35 - 45.000 


90 dB 

Recommended power

25 - 250 


8 Ohm 

Crossover frequency/frequencies

400, 2.900 

Number or speaker units

1 Tweeter unit (diameter 25 mm.), 1 Midrange unit (diameter 125 mm.), 2 Woofer units (diameter 200 mm.)

Measurements (H x W x D)

1181 x 359 x 388 mm.


29,5 kg.


Max. output 115 dB 


black, Rosewood, Walnut 





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