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testimonial Name : Jack Abernathy
Emirates Airlines

"Dear Sharaf DG,

I walked into the Times Square Hi Fidelity Store in Dubai last week. I was greeted by Madan who remembered me from over 1 year ago. As I approached the counter he greeted me by name, recalled the equipment I purchased, and recalled that I was there last year in August. This was certainly impressive since many more of your customers spend much more money than I.

Then he and his team treated me with the kind of customer service, help, and guidance that I consider among the best I have ever received. I am an expat from the US and it is a place where customer service is considered a company's pride. Again, this is among the best, if not the best treatment I have ever received. I have been a pilot with Delta Airlines for 27 years and I am a pilot with Emirates Airlines now for 4 years. It is a profession and business that is very aware of the importance of the customer and repeat business, so I am always aware of how the customer and myself are treated.

I have been traveling for the last 2 weeks and I have just now been able to send this email. Please extend my sincere appreciation to Madan and his staff for their wonderful consideration for me.

You have the best customer service relations in your Times Square store than all the other businesses I have dealt with in my 4 years here in Dubai. I commend your company for having such fine customer care and please extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to Madan."

testimonialName : Osama

"Many thanks for your email and in particular, many thanks to Maxine and his right hand man who knew precisely what they were doing and were unfailing in their desire to complete a professional job. As the gypsum board for the projector and the grill for the screen have yet to be completed by the sub-contractor, may I reserve my right to ask Maxine back sometime next week for final adjustments to both the screen and the projector once the sub-contractor completes his works – some fine adjustments will be necessary as it is expected that when doing the works, the sub-contractor will have mess up the alignment.

Also special thanks to you and Sajid for helping me complete the project and pushing for professional job."

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